Raye Players' Antigonick

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Kreon says it is unlawful to do so.

Antigone says unholy not to.

When the laws of the land defy the laws of the dead, who will stand up for justice, and at what cost?

ANTIGONICK is Anne Carson’s unconventional adaptation of the Greek tragedy, Antigone. The unique translation of Sophocles’ original work combines the play’s traditional conventions and narrative, but with an incredible self-awareness of its own existence in a long line of worthy Antigone adaptations. Carson weaves Antigone’s story of love, loss, and defiance with a feminist twist as our heroine commits herself to securing a proper burial for her late brother, Polyneikes — an act that goes directly against the laws of King Kreon’s oppressive political regime, and ultimately ends with Antigone’s death sentence.

ANTIGONICK is the fourth annual summer-show produced by the Raye Players, a theatre troupe created for and by Lumina Studio Theatre alumni who wish to continue pursuing the theatrical arts in their postgrad lives. A pivotal production for the troupe, ANTIGONICK has the most complicated script and diverse team to date, with cast and crew aging from 10 to 25. Like its parent group, the Raye Players strive for high-quality, thought-provoking, and creative theater experiences. Ticket sales barely cover the cost of these intensive productions, and only through generous donations can the Raye Players continue to produce stellar shows for audiences of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Your donations helps ensure the future of community theater not only for the Raye Players, but also in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

To stand by an old Lumina Studio saying  — “there are no small parts, only small actors” — there are no small donations, and any gift will help.