Clowns are the worst of the worst. Let’s remove them from Congress.

Clowns SuperPAC (CSP) was formed to call out the clowns in public office or seeking election. A Clown is defined as a candidate or elected official who rejects the last century of scientific or sociological progress or appears too dumb to understand it. Synonyms include knuckle-dragger and buffoon. The ascendance of such Clowns to power is a clear and present danger to American society, democracy, and humanity in general.

Clowns have ascended to power through years of propaganda, pure and simple. We will fight this corrosive trend with truth, humor, and mockery, lots of mockery. We will not be polite, but we will always use fact-based arguments. Our cause isn’t to target only those office-holders deemed politically vulnerable by the chattering class, but rather the worst of the worst in the U.S. Congress or other elected offices.

Our first target is U.S. Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio’s 4th Congressional district, a representative so out of touch with modernity that he received special recognition from the satirical website the Onion. The fictional “news” article noted, “All the 400-year-old viewpoints remain almost completely untouched, from religion’s place in society to the rights of women to the attitude toward science.” Sadly for the people of Jordan’s district and humans everywhere, this line of satire hits close to reality. Jim Jordan has the dubious honor of being the first Clowns SuperPAC Certified Clown.

The goal of the initial campaign is to cover Jordan’s district with billboards providing a “Jim Jordan is a Clown” message. “What kind of clown is Jim Jordan?” will be a multiple choice question with answers such as “Dumb, Goofy, Creepy, and Scary.” Enhanced reality photos of Jordan will be used extensively. Each Clown type will have its own issues-based billboard.

For every $1000 we get, we can have a billboard up for the mid-term election season. There are 12 population centers in Jordan’s district, and ideally we’d have 3-4 billboards in each one.

If 10,000 of you gave $5 each…