Help Support Matt!

Donation Page to Help with Recovery

Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

If you have found this page it is probably because you know and love Matt Ward.

If you did not already know, Matt underwent emergency surgery in late October. The surgery went extremely well, however, during a follow up visit, Matt’s doctors informed him they had found an NSGCT embryonal cell carcinoma, big words that basically mean they have found large aggressive malignant tumor.

This specific type of tumor is very rare for someone Matt’s age and the doctors informed him the treatment needed to be immediate and aggressive. All of this is to say, Matt will need to undergo another operation and chemotherapy for at least several months.

The upside is, this form of cancer has a 97% survival rate.

Matt is overwhelmed with the love and support he has been receiving from his community, friends, and family. Even the medical professionals and staff have been extremely caring and sympathetic.

That being said, Matt does not have health care and hospital bills will soon be piling up. Any amount we can give will be incredibly generous and will go helping with living expenses, medical bills, and various other needs. All funds donated on this page go directly to Matt.

Thanks for supporting the guy we all love so much!