Ron Molinaro for Mayor of Zion

For decades, municipal elections in Zion have just been purely a popularity contest. Where the elites of our community have been elected; the same elites who have long neglected the basic needs of the average citizen. Due to their neglect Zion has gone from a peaceful and close-knit community to a city riddled with crime, crumbling infrastructure, and one of the highest property tax rates in the country. With your help we can begin to move Zion forward. It's time for change, for Bold new leadership.

Any donation big or small will go a long way to help me win election to Mayor of Zion on April 2nd, 2019 and be the change that our community has longed for.
Enter whatever amount you like. If necessary, we will round it down to be an exact multiple of $1.00 so that it divides evenly between 100 . We've lowered your donation amount a little so that it divides evenly between 100 .