Numesthesia needs your help.

Numesthesia is a new show premiering this July as part of the 2017 Capital Fringe Festival. Written and performed by David S. Kessler, composed and performed by Rich O'Meara with addition musical performance by Kevin O’Meara, and directed by Ryan S. Taylor.

Numesthesia: the condition wherein a person perceives numbers as humans.

Numbers are numbers. People are people. Not always. Enter another dimension. One performer. Two musicians. Multiply your perspective. Table your expectations. Count on it. We got your Number.

There are many immutable expenses incurred in theater, even for a three-person show: registration fees, printing, ad space, insurance (what could go wrong?). Selling out every single show, we might just cover the above expenses. But in addition, Uncle Funsy Productions is committed to paying the director, graphic designer and tech people, aka, the talented theater professionals of Team Numesthesia, what they deserve. (David S. Kessler is not a professional, so tough luck, David!) But the rest of Team Numesthesia is trying to make a living while making art.

Your non-tax deductible (sorry) contribution helps support those artists. Thanks to a generous Theater Angel, all contributions made before June 15 will be matched up to $1,000.

This is the third of what we hope will be many meaningful Uncle Funsy Productions. Your gift will help now and your moral support provides the healthy kick in the pants we need to embark on crazy new theater projects.

Check out all the cool things you can get by donating. Yowza! There are some fine non-tote bag options available:

$10 – Be the ONE – Personal thank you note from David S. Kessler!
$30 – TWO Kind – (Thank you note + ) Team Numesthesia will tweet about you.
$50 – Special FOUR You – (Previous benefits + ) Your very own CD or download of the Numesthesia Suite composed and performed by Rich O’Meara and Kevin O’Meara! (not available until September 2017)
$100 – Very SIXY – (All previous benefits + ) A DVD or download of the show! (not available until September 2017)
$250 – Heavenly SEVEN – (All previous benefits +) A personally autographed copy of the Numesthesia script... sure to be a collector's item!
$500 – INFINITE Gratitude – (All previous benefits + ) Freshly baked bread and a jar of specially-created "Numesthesia" cocktail (with its really secret recipe), made by Kessler himself!


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