Renew Our Local Option Levy!

In May, voters will be asked to renew the existing local option levy for another 5 years. This is not a tax increase, but a vote to continue financial support for critical school programs in our community. Voters have supported this local option levy for nearly 20 years, voting to approve it four times since 2000.

Renewal of this levy will maintain teachers, class sizes and funding for current school operations. Levy funding helps every student in every classroom.

The current Eugene 4J local option levy generates $17 million per year. That’s equivalent to 27 school days or 161 teachers. Our levy dollars stay in 4J schools and help students in every school and every classroom.

If the levy is not renewed $17 million dollars must be cut from the district’s annual budget—a 9% reduction in current budget. To meet budget cuts, the 4J district would need to layoff 161 staff members or take 26 1⁄2 no-school furlough days, or some combination to reduce current service levels by $17 million. A reduction of staff will result in larger class sizes.

Together, with your support we can help our students to learn, explore and thrive. Thank you for supporting the Yes for 4J schools levy campaign.