One Iowa Education Fund

Sustaining Equality

What does equality mean to you? Does it mean protecting your family? Does it mean being able to work for a living without fear of being fired just for being who you are? Does it mean someone you care about—a son or daughter, a sister or brother, a friend or colleague—can live his or her life openly and honestly? Does it mean being able to marry the person you love? One Iowa will continue to protect the crucial gains we have made. We know our work is far from over, though, and we need your help to support full equality for all LGBT Iowans. Please help us sustain equality in Iowa by contributing monthly. With your support, we can continue to change hearts and minds and work toward the day when all Iowa families are treated with dignity and respect. We will not let our opposition roll back the gains we have made, including the freedom to marry for loving, committed gay and lesbian couples. Your generous gift will help us sustain equality in Iowa for years to come.